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I as a Rastafarian try live a life of peace, spending much time creating music I let my hair grow into dreadlocks, for twenty six years so far,I am not afraid of babylon all they can do is take my body, I am Proud and confident even though I am humble I will stand up for my rightsThis growth of rasta is largely attributed to Bob Marley, and the world wide acceptance of reggae as an avenue of Rastafarian self-expression Rastafari is a movement of people who know Africa as the birthplace of Mankind and the throne of Emperor Haile Selassie I -- a 20th Century Manifestation of God who has lighted our pathway towards righteousness, and is therefore worthy of reverenceThe Rastafari movement grew out of the darkest depression that the descendants of African slaves in Jamaica have ever lived in -- the stink and crumbling shacks of zinc and cardboard that the tattered remnants of humanity built on the rotting garbage of the dreadful Dungle on Kingston's waterfront. Out of this filth and slime arose a sentiment so pure, so without anger, so full of love, the Philosophy of the Rastafari faith. Freedom of Spirit, Freedom from Slavery, and Freedom of Africa, was its cry.One Love