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Sweet Reggae music with a sophisticated style

Tony Nicholson, a phenomenal musician, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist has played with the very best of contemporary musicians. This impressive list includes being the opening act for groups such as Hugh Masekela, Third World,Ernie Smith, Steel Pulse, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, just to mention a few.
This is the epitome of "lover's rock" reggae at its finest. The smooth lyrics and message of hope and love seduces the listener into a place where soft Jamaican breezes blow and warm ocean waves bathe the soul.
This cd is a journey in self expression. All instruments and vocals are performed by Tony who also produced and arranged the CD. All the songs were conceived and written by Tony. His prolific imagination is revealed in each and every song.
Tony's music is widely accepted and appreciated by all who are fortunate enough to hear it.

This CD Was Recorded Live In Negril Beach Jamaica THE CD features Ten Original Tracks Written Over Twenty Years Ago. All the music showcased in this work was written and produced by Tony Nicholson.
THIS CD features Fifteen Hot Tracks of mostly original music. The vocal range of this artist is well represented on this work. From lovers rock to conscious music the art of Reggae is lovingly crafted and presented. The gift of Reggae is offered to the listener to hear and enjoy! Reggae music Lives.

THIS CD features explosive "Reggae Jazz" The music featured here reveals Tony's unique guitar style. The instrument seems to speak to the listener giving a fresh, new sound to well known popular songs All the music showcased in this work was arranged and produced by Tony Nicholson.

"Island Fever" is a CD which captures the exuberance of Tropical living. Let the music transport you to a place where cool breezes blow all your troubles away. Allow your soul to fly into blue skies as you dance to the Island beat! The music included in this CD offers a variety of mostly Reggae music performed with an intelligent understanding of this genre of music. The CD was produced by Tony Nicholson in collaboration with Tony Natta.
Asho Jeni: a native of Trinidad & Tobago & Tony Nicholson: a native of Jamaica Recorded This CD Live In Key West, Florida in 1991. It features Popular Songs, Reggae/Dancehall /Dub& Lovers Rock. Experience the raw, natural Key West vibe, where the Reggae music is as soothing as a Caribbean breeze.Enjoy the mellow voices of authentic Island musicians, the mystic sounds of the guitar and keyboard all talking to your spirit and your soul. One Love.....Rastafari.

roadsidereggae.com SAMPLER
THIS CD contains tracks from diverse sources including lovers rock, dancehall, hip hop and roots rock.All the music showcased in this work was arranged and produced by Tony Nicholson.The artists featured are "Singing Chris", Andrew Forbes, "Zaro" and of course Tony Nicholson. This CD is getting a lot of attentention and is being praised as an innovative approach to Reggae Music. The music is dynamic and fresh and sets the standard for others to follow!.

ONE OF THE HOTTEST DJ'S OUT OF JAMAICA!THIS CD features raw Jamaican talent of an explosive DJ who writes his own lyrics! Zaro's style remains true to the roots of "dancehall". His music chronicles the struggles of people throughout the World who live in the "ghetto". He is not afraid to speak of the political and socio-economic chains that bind his people. Zaro is an artist to watch, and more importantly a concious man to listen to All the music showcased in this work was written and produced by Tony Nicholson.