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Marcus Garvey was the youngest of 11 children. Garvey moved to Kingston at the age of 14, found work in a printshop, and became acquainted with the abysmal living conditions of the laboring class. He quickly involved himself in social reform, participating in the first Printers' Union strike in Jamaica in 1907 and in setting up the newspaper The Watchman.

  PAUL BOGLE Paul Bogle, it is believed, was born free about 1822. He was a Baptist deacon in Stony Gut, a few miles north of Morant Bay, and a voter at a time when there were only 104 in St. Thomas. He was a firm political adherent of George William Gordon. Poverty and injustice in the society and lack of public confidence in the central authority urged Bogle to lead a protest march to the Morant Bay Court-house on October 11, 1865.

In a violent confrontation with official forces that followed the march, nearly 500 people were killed and a greater number were flogged and punished before order was restored.

Bogle was captured and hanged on October 24,1865; but his forceful demonstration achieved its objectives. It paved the way for the establishment of just practices in the courts and it brought about a change in official attitude which made possible the social and economic betterment of the people
October 11 - Paul Bogle Day - Stony Gut, St. Thomas, Jamaics.

Paul Bogle
  Norman Manley Norman Washington Manley, founder of the People's National Party, was born in 1893 in Roxborough, Manchester. He was a brilliant scholar, athlete, lawyer and politician. He, along with Alexander Bustamante, played a great role in advocating for full Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944. In 1955, he was elected Chief Minister of Jamaica

Norman Manley
  William Gordon George William Gordon, the son of a planter and one of his female slaves was born at Cherry Garden Estate in St. Andrew. Gordon was self-educated and became a successful landowner and businessman. He was one of the original founding members of the Jamaica Mutual Life Society, an insurance company. Gordon was an exceptional "free coloured"; he championed the cause of poor blacks. As a member of the Jamaica Assembly, his defense of the social and moral rights of the oppressed made him an enemy of the Colonial establishment, particularly Governor John Eyre.

In 1865 when the so-called Morant Bay Rebellion broke out, Gordon was arrested for conspiracy, probably because he was a member of the same Baptist Sect that Paul Bogle belonged to. Gordon had actually ordained Bogle as a Deacon in the Baptist Church. When Gordon was arrested, the Government could find no evidence to support his arrest.

William Gordon