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Techno Dread

The members of Techno Dread, Tony Nicholson and Asho Jeni met in
Key West Florida in 1990. Tony was already in Key West for some
time; running a very successful one man band. Asho came in 90 to
replace the drummer of a five piece reggae band. Tony did cameo
appearances with the band Asho played in; and since they were the
only Rastas in the band, they became friends. That lasted for about
a year and a half. The band went back on to Cape Cod and Asho stayed
in Key West. Tony then made Asho a offer he could not refuse. He
told Asho that they should form a band, but until they find the other
members, they should perform as a two man unit. The name Techno
Dread was chosen and within three months they were number one.
Every time they played the more they packed the club. They played
together for two and one half years. They both wanted to pursue solo
careers and took time off to do that. Eleven years would pass and
they meet again in Key West. The chemistry is obviously good because
here they are, back together again, more wise and knowledgeable,
with lots more to share. Enjoy